Field Notes: Taking A Break

It’s so important to know when to stop. When it’s more productive to sit and do nothing than to push on. When it’s better for your health or sense of well-being to rest and put your feet up (or down) rather than persevere. When the answer or inspiration will come to you if you give it a chance, instead of chasing relentlessly after it.

With all that in mind, today I’m taking a break from intensive writing, from chaos pondering and from trying to force any issues, and I’m enjoying the sunshine, the birds, the wildflowers. I’m joining in their fabulous chorus of spring and early summer celebrations, and simply relishing the experience of existing.

A different kind of blog to share this week – a glimpse of the kind of break we – that’s me and my dog – take every day, so that we stay sane and healthy, so that the work flows, so that we enjoy life. I thought I’d share some photos from some of our regular walks in the local countryside – the perfect remedy to feeling under pressure.

I’m not usually a camera person, but it just so happened that I took it out with me a week or so ago on a number of our meanderings, and some of them came out surprisingly well.

This is one of our favourite walks. When we went, it was just starting to sprout new wildflowers. In a couple of weeks, the place will be alive with colours, bees, butterflies and insects.

A little preview – a suggestion of what’s to come …

And some of the birdlife we saw on that day …

And this is the canal that I’ve written so much about, that I feel has supported me throughout writing my first novel, and that has given me such inspiration over the last few years …

… with its famous canal flies, demonstrating chaos theory …

… its beautiful tree, perfect for sleeping under …

… and its interesting smells …

… and if you look carefully, you can see a surprise visitor …

Have a lovely break yourself today and see what you can enjoy.


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