I Did It!

This is to be a blog like no other I’ve written yet. It will not be the usual, rather more thoughtful, sometimes esoteric, often fanciful, considered piece of writing, that I am in the habit of offering up. Instead, as well as landing on a Wednesday, rather than a Tuesday, it will be an unashamedly celebratory, and self-congratulatory, not very literary, collection of photos and paragraphs. Forgive me.

I have finally finished – and loaded onto Amazon – both the CreateSpace paperback, and the KDP e-book, versions of The White And Silver Shore. My first novel!!!! Hurray!

And here is an impromptu publicity session on my kitchen table:

You can just about make out the proof copy, the first live copy, the Kindle version and some publicity leaflets. As you can see, I need to work on my camera skills – one of the new areas of expertise I have delved into over the past few months.

And this is another view of the same thing – a bit like holiday photos, really.

And here you can see the book posing, first on the new computer that allowed me to upload to Kindle, and then on the old one, which didn’t. But it was the old one that stuck with me for the two and half years it took to write the book, and then a further year I needed to type up the manuscript, edit it, format it and turn it into a CreateSpace document. So, although the Dell will be retiring soon, after nearly ten years’ of faithful service, I expect – like Sheldon – I’ll be keeping it around for a while, as a useful extra.

And to finish off –

Here is a not very good photo of the fabulous fibres I treated myself to as a reward. Blue-faced Leicester and silk. Scrummy. I’ll be getting the spinning wheel out shortly …

Thank you to everyone who stuck with me during this amazing enterprise. Do go and check out my Amazon page. Maybe you’ll be tempted. Progress on book 2 to be reported next week.


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